Choosing an Online Early Childhood Education Associate Degree Program

Is an Online Early Childhood Education Associate Degree Program Right for You?

The youth of our Nation are the future of the World. A grand statement but when you think about how technology has connected each of us to the world around us it isn’t that hard to fathom. For this very reason online early childhood education degrees are arguably among the most important higher education degrees one can consider.

Our young children need professional educators that care. And these educators need a very specialized skill set to guide them onto a path of success. The beauty of this digital age is that you can pursue your dream of becoming an early childhood educator in the comfort of your own home.

An online early childhood education associate degree program is a great step in pursuing your dream of shaping the kids of future generations.

The good news is that there is a strong need for childhood educators now and well into the future. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor forecasts that there will be 84,300 new jobs created for childcare workers through 2026. Giving yourself a leg up by completing an online early childhood education associate degree program is a smart choice.

With your associate degree you can immediately look for a job in Nationwide elementary and secondary schools. But alternate uses for your degree might include childcare services, religious organizations and even private households and tutoring positions.

An associate degree in early childhood education is the first step in a lifelong career. While the associate degree gets you in the door for many of these positions you will eventually need an advanced bachelor’s degree in early childhood education to land the better paying salaries. For example the median salary for a preschool or childcare director is around $45,000 a year.

The good news though is when you complete a typical 60 credit online early childhood education associate degree program those 60 credits often count toward the full 120 credit early childhood education bachelor’s degree.

What You Get in a Typical Online Early Childhood Education Associate Degree Program

1. A 60 Credit 4 semester AAS or AA program completed entirely online (some universities require some on campus credits some do not)

2. Flexible online schedule which includes online lessons and physical textbooks

3. A Student Portal to access lessons and support

4. An online community of current students, teachers and former grads of the program

5. A learning resource center with online libraries, labs and other sources of research

6. Career resources for utilizing your degree after completion

A Typical Online Early Childhood Education Associate Degree Program Curriculum

While each program is different in their offerings or specialties you will find a mix of general education course like English composition, general education sciences and of course courses directly related to early childhood development. Infant and toddler development, health and nutrition, developmental psychology or diversity courses.

Lets take a closer look at a couple specific example courses you might find in your online early childhood education associate degree program.

Careers in Early Childhood Education

A course like this would introduce you to the field of early childhood education. Learning how children learn via sight, sound and physical interaction. Learning about the stages of childhood development and how you as a teacher will work with the child and their parents to further there education. You will also learn how to create and evaluate an early childhood environment that is conducive to success. This course would also cover issues and trends in the filed you can expect to encounter.

Guidance and Discipline

This course would guide you in the effective methods of childhood discipline in preschool and primary school classrooms. By applying the methods taught in this course you will be able to help children become more productive and responsible in class and when interacting with others. You as a teacher will learn right along with the students how to be more patient and understanding.

After Completion of the Online Early Childhood Education Degree

The objective of an early childhood education degree is to prepare you for working with children in a professional capacity. There are many skills you will master in an online program. Here are a few you can look forward to.

1. Learn the most effective method of teaching young children to read and write during preschool years.

2. Develop and utilize age level curriculum that aids in creativity as well as provides social, verbal and emotional competence.

3. Be able to discuss psychosocial and physical factors of language, cognitive and literary development based on a child’s age in early development.

4. Be able to effectively implement behavioral discipline concepts to foster effective learning in preschool and primary classrooms.

5. Learn the basic principals of public speaking and effective delivery techniques to confidently find your teaching voice.

6. Become proficient in English composition. Having the ability to conduct academic research to develop and revise one’s written work.

7. Develop an understanding of computer applications with regard to technological innovation on economic, personal, political and environmental issues and how to apply that knowledge to help children understand the same.

8. Demonstrate an understanding of mathematics up to a college level algebra. Showing mathematical skill in reasoning and logic by analyzing data.

9. Learn to partner with parents to achieve the best results for their children in your classroom.

10. Be prepared to enter a bachelor’s degree program in early childhood education.

How to choose the right online early childhood education associate degree program

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