Federal vs private college loans what is right for you?

Federal vs Private Online College Loans: Which is Right For You?

“As a graduating high school senior I’m starting to look into student loans. I’m wondering what the main difference between a federal loan like Stafford and a private loan is? Why would I choose one over the other?” Federal Student Loans vs Private College Loans Being proactive about paying for college is important for...

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How does online college work? Frequently asked questions about online learning

How Does Online College Work? FAQ and Answers About Online Learning

If you are considering pursuing online education you may be wondering how does online college work. Online college works like you would expect. Students take their classes fully or partially via the internet rather than attending a brick and mortar university. If you are thinking about attending college online you may have some questions...

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Online college supplies list

The Online College Supply List You Really Need to Succeed

The Non-Essential Essential List of Things You May or May Not Need for Online College Collage is serious business. (Yes, I meant to spell it that way it’s supposed to be funny – you can laugh now) Online college is even more serious, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun before...

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Studying while taking online college

Pros and Cons Of Online Colleges

In this technologically advancing era, there are so many opportunities that are presenting themselves to the advancing student. In the education sector, for instance, technology has made it possible for people to access online learning opportunities. There are many online colleges that are being set-up. It can be a very lucrative opportunity for people...

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Online Colleges That Offer IT Degrees

IT is a very lucrative field. Much of what we’re doing today has been advanced by the I.T discipline. We know very well that most inventions are being powered by technology. With this in mind, there are many people who desire to pursue an I.T degree. If you’re one of this individuals, you might...

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Finding A Credible And Respected Online College

Assuming that you’ve already decided to pursue an online degree, I’ll get right to the point and give you a few bits of information to consider when choosing an online college. The process of finding a credible institution is not as hard as it sounds. The only thing I need you to do is...

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Choosing Between Online and On-Campus Education

Which One Should You Choose? Today’s society is advancing very rapidly. The social, economic and industrial sectors of the economy are being confronted by both opportunities and problems. All these combinations of circumstances call for minds that have gone through institutions of higher education. This is where college education plays a huge role. If...

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